imagesEvent Based Monitoring
This solution works in conjunction with sensors and/or alarms.  When a sensor has been activated or an alarm triggered a live video feed is instantly sent to our monitoring centre.  Our highly trained staff then view the footage and if required contact the predetermined responders or Gardai.  All footage is recorded on our secured server in our monitoring centre in line with data protection and is an accepted form of evidence in court.

Remote Monitoring
This solution which we designed in 2010 is primarily used to monitor remote areas for illegal dumping.  Again we use zoom lenses and get real time footage of the number plate and activity of the offender.  The information is then forwarded to the relevant local authority.

Full Time Monitoring
In some cases, event driven monitoring isn’t the most suitable method for the application. Perhaps the location is temporary or it would be very difficult for sensors to detect movement due to a large amount of activity.  With Full Time Monitoring our staff monitors an area for any activity that is unwanted.  We use a fully controllable camera with a powerful zoom lens and our staff watch the camera at all times   This could be for break-ins, antisocial behaviour or illegal dumping.

Hikvision Monitoring
hikvisionlogoVisi Connex also specialise in the monitoring of Hikvision equipment, and have been working with its state-of-the-art equipment for many years. Our staff can fully monitor your Hikvision installation, keeping your premises and property safe and secure.

Once and intrusion is detected
our staff get an instant feed of the footage.

They then challenge the intruder
via loudspeaker or call the Gardai…

…and no damage is done to your property