Cctv monitoring vs security guard

Live CCTV Monitoring VS Security Guards: Which One is Better?

Live CCTV monitoring vs security guards – which one is better? Learn the facts and make an informed decision for your business in Dublin. Is your security guard taking a coffee break? Is your business as safe as it could be? Don’t worry – with live CCTV monitoring someone is always watching.

A commercial CCTV system is a better security solution than security guards because CCTV monitoring can track people and vehicles in real-time. This allows for more accurate security planning and quicker response times in the event of an incident. To know more about CCTV systems vs security guards, continue reading this blog.

Why CCTV Monitoring Is a Better Security Solution than Security Guards?


With the increased crime rates in the world, many people are turning to CCTV monitoring as a way to keep their businesses and homes safe. But how does it work? How is it different from having a security guard? How does it help? The world is full of uncertainty. You never know when something terrible will happen. There are so many ways to make you vulnerable. You want to protect yourself and your family from all the dangers in the world. 

Home CCTV monitoring is a way for homeowners to keep an eye on potential threats and use that information to make informed decisions about security. It’s designed to work hand in hand with the existing security measures like alarm systems that are already in place. Our security guards are not as effective as you think, and they can’t prevent crime like CCTV monitoring

Cctv monitoring vs security guard

Drawbacks of Security Guards

  • Security guards can only detect suspicious behaviour after it has already happened, which can lead to delays in catching criminals.
  • They are often expensive to hire and maintain.
  • Security guards are often unreliable. For example, they can be absent or late when they’re supposed to be there.
  • Security guards are often insufficient to deter criminals. Criminals can easily bypass them by simply not entering the premises. 

Live CCTV Monitoring System VS Security Guards: Which One Is Cost-effective

Security guards can be very expensive, especially if you need to hire several of them to properly protect your property. With the increasing cost of security guards, many business owners are turning to commercial CCTV systems as a more cost-effective way to monitor their businesses. So, a CCTV monitoring system only requires the initial purchase cost of the equipment, and there is no need to pay for the employee’s wages, insurance or pension.

Choose CCTV Monitoring by Visi Connex for Your Security

It is evident that live CCTV monitoring is a better option for security than security guards in Ireland. Not only are they more efficient and cost-effective, but they also provide a higher level of security for businesses and organisations. As such, it is highly recommended that business owners and organisations consider implementing a live CCTV monitoring system in order to keep their premises safe and secure.

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