We have been one of Ireland’s leading CCTV specialists since 2004

With vast experience since 2004 we design all our CCTV systems with the very latest technology available, ensuring the highest standard of security. Our own privately owned monitoring centre is staffed by the highest quality incident responders and complies with all standards set out by the PSA. We monitor all business sizes, private homes and state owned property. We have set the standard in the design of secure wireless CCTV networks, which dramatically reduce installation costs and disruption. This allows us to install a system over a large area where wiring is not a possibility. We have to date installed such networks in town centres and large sites throughout Ireland.

We are unique in that we tailor solutions for all live CCTV monitoring requirements. The most popular solutions are:

  • Event Based Monitoring (smart camera analytics)
  • Full Time Monitoring (constant monitoring regardless of activity, eg dumping, anti-social behaviour, security)
  • Remote Monitoring (monitoring of remote sites without power, eg fly tipping)

Please see monitoring services for details and examples of each category.

Based in New Ross, Co. Wexford and are fully compliant with the IS 228:1997
Alarm Monitoring Centres standard set out by the EQA and we are also licensed by the Private Security Authority (License number PSA00726).