• Always Watching

    Visi Connex are Ireland’s leading CCTV monitoring company

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  • Always Watching

    Visi Connex are Ireland’s leading CCTV monitoring company

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Our Vision. Your Security.

We Fit.

Following a site visit, Visi Connex design a tailored plan to suit your specific security requirements. We then schedule an install by one of our PSA licensed installers who will fit, test, configure and link it to our 24/7 Irish monitoring centre.

We Track.

Our smart CCTV technology tracks any suspicious movement or activity on your property. Once activated, the CCTV camera for that precise area of activity is highlighted on our highly trained operators’ screens with an audible alarm in real time.

We Act!

Once alerted, our trained monitoring
operators then follow exact instructions,
which are unique for each premises.

Event Based Monitoring

This solution works in conjunction smart camera analytics. The camera is constantly analysing for any scene changes and can decipher between real (human, car etc) and false (trees, small animals) Once an alarm has been triggered a live video feed is instantly sent to our monitoring centre. Our highly trained staff then view the footage and challenge the intruders via loudspeaker and if required contact the predetermined responders or Gardai.

Full Time Monitoring

In some cases, event driven monitoring isn’t the most suitable method for the application. Perhaps the location is temporary or it would be very difficult for sensors to detect movement due to a large amount of activity. With Full Time Monitoring our staff monitors an area for any activity that is unwanted. We use a fully controllable camera with a powerful zoom lens and our staff watch the camera at all times. This could be for break-ins, antisocial behaviour or illegal dumping.

Remote Monitoring

This solution which we designed in 2010 and are constantly upgrading is primarily used to monitor remote areas for illegal dumping. Again we use zoom lenses and get real time footage of the number plate and activity of the offender. The information is then forwarded to the relevant local authority.

Hikvision Monitoring

Visi Connex also specialise in the monitoring of Hikvision equipment, and have been working with its state-of-the-art quipment for many years. Our staff can fully monitor your Hikvision installation, keeping your premises and property safe and secure.

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Visi News:

Trinity Motors in Wexford

On 14th September we completed an extensive CCTV installation at Trinity Motors in Wexford.  We installed 37 cameras covering their Peugeot and Mazda franchises in Ardcavan, Wexford.

Townmore Construction

As primary CCTV monitoring company to Townmore Construction, we have recently increased our service to include sites in Baldoyle, Dublin & Portarlington, Co Laois in July and Malahide, Dublin in September.

Egis Lagan Services

In August we began CCTV monitoring for Egis Lagan Services.  Egis Lagan maintain Irelands motorway network and we look forward to providing our services to them into the future.

Here is what our clients think:

I have been a very satisfied customer of Visi Connex for the last 2 years. With the ever increasing threat of aggravated burglaries and tiger kidnappings and indeed the ever increasing rural crime wave I decided I needed an effective security solution to protect my family home. I consulted with the Visi Connex team and was impressed with their solution. We now have a system in place that is capable of monitoring our home for the price it would cost to feed a good guard dog, indeed we feel as if we have a security guard present at night without the intrusion this might bring. The monitoring station always answers the phone within 2 rings and the operatives are always extremely helpful even if its just to tell them we are away for a few days for extra surveillance. I would have no hesitation in recommending Visi Connex to any perspective clients as we certainly sleep sounder knowing we have this service.

“The cameras supplied by Visi Connex for New Ross Town Park eliminated all anti-social behaviour and allowed our staff to go about their day to day business, saving time and money.”

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